LOTION 50+ - Face

LOTION 50+ - Face

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100 ml = 31,80 €

100 ml = 31,80 €


Very high protection sunscreen for your face.

A very high protection sun lotion for the whole body. Effective and extra water resistant UVA/UVB filter systems combined with titanium blockers protecting securely from sun induced skin damage. Additional active skin protection with vitamin E (antioxidant) and nurturing provitamin B5. 

• Extra water resistant
• Easy to apply
• Fast absorbed
• Long lasting 




Our sunscreens combine both physical sun blockers (like Zinc and Titan) and special water resistant UVA and UVB filter systems, to protect you and your skin for as long as possible. Each of our products has its own specific combination of protection agents specifically implemented to maximize protection performance in combination with water.

Our formulas, produced in Germany and Switzerland, allow sportsmen spending more time in the ocean, on the beach and venturing snow filled mountains. Our products are designed, formulated and manufactured to the highest cosmetic industry standards. Proven by the worlds best surfers and athletes under most harsh conditions.



• No parabens
• No perfumes
• No stining in your eyes
• Dermatologically confirmed

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